Excise Duty is never an issue before it becomes an issue!

PGEA Ltd. is an excise consultancy specialising in alcohol, tobacco products and oil. Clients readily approach us once the HMRC has been in touch, normally resulting in a hefty penalty that could have been avoided. PGEA can help resolve the issue and put measures in place to ensure it doesn’t happen again. However, we would much rather take a pro-active approach to fire-fighting.

The production, storage, movement and sale of alcohol is subject to draconian rules and restrictions that are often burdensome to businesses and difficult to comply with. The smallest error may lead to penalties and even the imposition of restrictions on your daily activities.

PGEA prides itself in helping clients to operate efficiently, challenging penalties imposed and keeping you up to date with legislative changes. A more detailed list of services available can be found below. If you have a particular requirement that you can’t see covered below, please get in touch and we can discuss it.

Whether your company is a small regional brewery, independent, retailer, wholesaler, importer/exporter or specialises in software, logistics, multi-national alcohol production or even a government, we have the expertise to help you.

Client services:

Advisory: Provide advice on specific excise duty issues and provide solutions to problems.

Audit and Compliance: Annual audit of excise operations; general review of key risk areas, audit check prior to an HMRC visit.

Challenging the revenue authority’s demands/penalties/assessments: Review and provide advice on next steps following issue of penalties or assessments. Legislative analysis to find challenges to HMRC’s demands.

Contract Management and Dispute Resolution: Review and draft excise sections within third party contracts. Negotiate where excise issues arise over ambiguous clauses.

Innovation: Excise classification of alcohol: Advice on the excise classification of existing products in new markets and innovative alcoholic liquids that are developed to create new brands/beverages to ensure the excise rate is optimised in relevant markets.

Lobbying and Strategy: Review impact of excise legislation on day to day operations and lobby to change to obtain cash and cash flow advantages, in addition to day to day operational efficiency.

Mergers and Acquisitions: Advise on key excise issues in relation to mergers and acquisitions of excise companies. Contracts and excise history reviews will highlight key risk areas and future issues.

Software development: Advice on development of excise software to ensure compliance with due diligence, excise calculation and reporting requirements.

Tax Reform for developing country revenue authorities: Develop and implement a workable excise system including re-drafting excise law, development and implementation of an excise audit methodology for excise officers to follow and trader education.

Training: Wide range of bespoke training modules from shared service centres to warehouse processes and controls.